NRC Terminated License Tracking System

Welcome to the terminated license tracking system. The objective of this system is to track the closure of Part 30, 40, and 70 licenses from the point termination is requested until the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) grants the termination. Also, this system provides information on license numbers that have been transferred to a state agency. The information provided on this site is obtained through public records, such as the NRC Public Documents Room, and is freely available to the general public. The data from these sources is organized by license number to provide a quick chronological view of the termination progress for a particluar license.


The database structure is based on actions. An action indicates that there has been something performed on the license; this action may be anything from an initial inspection to a closeout statement. Each action entered into the database provides an opportunity to gather information about progress in the license closeout as well as information about the licensee, site, region, or state. Each piece of information may then be referenced or cross-referenced in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the user.

Users may search for information by license number, document number, or keyword (e.g., licensee name, address, etc.). Statistical information, such as the number of closed out licenses, is obtained through the summary links. Whenever possible, a link to the source document is provided. References beginning with DL require a PDF reader. All other references are accession numbers for the NRC Electronic Reading Room.

Updates to this website are ongoing, since new licenses may be terminated at any time. If you feel there is an error with the information on this site, please contact us.